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DAY 2 , 28th OCTOBER 2017

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Genomic classification of endometrial cancer

Speaker : Jaya Ghosh

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Debate 1:

Speaker : Nitesh Rohatgi

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Panel Discussion 1: Classification, risk stratification and adjuvant treatment of endometrial cancer

Moderator : Senthil Rajappa

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Debate 2: Is it time to incorporate sentinel lymph node procedure in routine management of endometrial cancer patients?

Panel Discussion 2: Surgical management of endometrial cancer

Moderator : Yogesh Kulkarni

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Uterine sarcomas: State-of-science in 2017

Speaker : Saketh Guntupalli

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Cervical Cancer - A Fabian Approach

Speaker : S K Shrivastava

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Evolution of treatment of endometrial cancer

Speaker : David G Mutch

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Debate 3: HIPEC has enough evidence to be incorporated in frontline management of epithelial ovarian cancer

Panel Discussion 3: Surgical management of endometrial cancer

Moderator : H B Tongaonkar

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Neoadjuvant versus primary surgery in ovarian cancer

Speaker : William A Cliby

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Debate 4: Germline testing should be offered to ALL Or ONLY SELECTED newly diagnosed epithelial ovarian cancer patients

Speaker : Saketh Guntupalli, Jyoti Bajpai

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Panel Discussion 4: Treatment of advanced ovarian cancer

Moderator : T P Sahoo

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Advanced ovarian cancer by team Pune

Advanced ovarian cancer by team Delhi

Locally advanced cervical cancer by team Kolkata