About Yir 2018 Event

Women's Cancer Initiative - Tata Memorial Hospital and Nag Foundation Invites you for the "3rd edition of Year in Review: Breast Cancer Conference". This conference will be held on Sat 10th Feb - Sun 11th Feb 2018, at ITC Grand Central, Parel, Mumbai. As you are aware "Year in Review" is an idea that we have harbored in 2015, which subsequently led to a fruitful and successful organization of the “ 2nd year in Review conference in Jan 2017”. Breast cancer is not so much a disease as a universe - endlessly complex, huge and continuously evolving. Every year a large number of clinical, translational and basic studies are presented at many conferences, at least some of which have an impact on practice. It is becoming increasingly difficult for even specialized oncologists to keep pace with this explosion. Number of meetings in Best of format now try to make this information digestible to practicing clinicians.


25th Annual Conference of Association of Gynaecologists of India(AGOI)
15th Annual Conference of Women's Cancer Initiative- Tata Memorial Hospital (WCI-TMH)

Chetan Deshmukh

Topic: Ovarian cancer

David G Mutch

Topic: Evolution of treatment of endometrial cancer

Supriya Chopra

Topic: Uterine cancer

Saketh Guntupalli

Topic: Uterine sarcomas: State-of-science in 2017


Anita Borges

Topic: Pathology of NENs : Essenatial Elements

Kjell Oberg

Topic: Perspectives in Diagnosis

B. A. Krishna

Topic: Isotope Therapy

Massimo Falconi

Topic: Principles and Spectrum of Surgical Options