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DAY 3 , 20th AUGUST 2017

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Cost Benefit Analysis for newer treatments in Breast Cancer: Implications for developing countries

Moderator : Dr. Sudeep Gupta

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Sequencing of hormonal therapy in ABC : Role of Fulvestrant

Speaker : Dr. Tushar Patil

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Case based panel discussion

Moderator : Dr. Vijay Agarwal

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Case 1: The ideal management of in situ disease (Max Saket, Delhi)

Speaker : Dr. K Geetha, Dr. Amit Verma, Dr. Richa Bansal, Dr. Vineet Goel, Dr. Anuj Khurana, Dr. Tripti Saxena, Dr. Shubha Garg, Dr. Meenu Walia, Dr. Akanksha Chhabra

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Case 2: Managing the BRCA patient and her family (TMH, Mumbai)

Speaker : Dr. Nita Nair, Dr. Jyoti Bajpai, Dr. Mansi Munshi, Dr. Palak Popat

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Case 3: Refractory MBC/TNBC (TMH Kolkata)

Speaker : Dr. Sanjoy Chatterjee, Dr. Indu Arun, Dr. Soumendranath Ray, Dr. Rosina Ahmed, Dr. Abhijit Das

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Case 4: LABC HER+ve/ ER; PR -ve (HCG Bangalore)

Speaker : Dr. Vikram Maiya, Dr. Vijay Agarwal, Dr. Shefali Karve, Dr. Sarath Chandra Reddy K, Dr. Shivakumar Swamy S, Dr. Krithika Murgan

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