Session 1 : Locoregional Therapies in Breast Cancer

Locoregional Therapies in Breast Cancer by Anusheel Munshi

Chairpersons :

C B Koppiker, Gaurav Agarwal

Speaker :

Anusheel Munshi

Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy Shown to Be Safe - and Increasingly Preferred

Author: James Jakub, Tina J. Hieken

Conference: American Society of Breast Surgeon Abstract 0173 and ASCOPOST review

10 year survival after breast-conserving surgery plus radiotherapy compared with mastectomy in early breast cancer in the Netherlands: a population-based study

Author: Marissa C van Maaren

Reference: The Lancet Oncology Volume 17, No. 8, p1158-1170,August 2016