Session 1 : Local Regional Breast Cancer

Local Regional Breast Cancer By Purvish Parikh

Chairpersons :

P.K. Jhulka, P. Raghu Ram

Speaker :

Purvish Parikh

Late side-effect of breast cancer radiotherapy: Second cancer incidence and non breast-cancer moratality among 40,000 women in75 trails

Author: Taylor C.

Conference: SABCS

Long term Toxicity and Outcomes Of Hypofractionated radiation Therapy with an Incorporated Boost for Early- Stage Breast Cancer

Author: Lora Wang

Reference: ASTRO

Long term Risk of Breast Cancer Mortality After Local Failure in Women Treated With Breast Conserving Therapy

Author: Colin Murphy

Reference: ASTRO

Accelerated Partial Breast irradiation using Sole Interstitial Multicatheter Brachytherapy vs Whole Breast Irradiation for Early breast CAncer:5-year Results of a Randomized Phase III Trail-Part I: Loacl Control and survical Results

Author: V. Strnad

Conference: ASTRO