Session 3 : HER2+ve Breast Cancer

HER2+ve Breast Cancer by Bhawna Sirohi

Chairpersons :

A K Malhotra, S H Advan

Speaker :

Bhawna Sirohi

Primary analysis of PERTAIN: A randomized, two-arm, open-label, multicenter phase II trial assessing the efficacy and safety of pertuzumab given in combination with trastuzumab plus an aromatase inhibitor in first-line patients with HER2-positive and hormone receptor-positive metastatic or locally advanced breast cancer

Author: Grazia Arpino

Conference: 2016 SABCS S3-04

T-DM1 Activity in Metastatic Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 Positive Breast Cancers That Received Prior Therapy With Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab

Author: Hannah Dzimitrowicz

Reference: Journal of Clinical Oncology 34, no. 29 (October 2016) 3511-3517

PHEREXA: A phase III study of trastuzumab + capecitabine +/- pertuzumab for patients who progressed during/after one line of trastuzumab-based therapy in the HER2 positive metastatic breast cancer setting

Author: Urruticoechea A

Conference: 2016 ASCO Annual Meeting, LBA 503