Session 2 : ER Positive Braest Cancer and others

ER Positive Braest Cancer and others By Govind Babu

Chairpersons :

Ramesh Nimmagadda, N K Warrier

Speaker :

Govind Babu

EndoPredict(EPclin) score for estimating residual distant (DR) risk in ER+/HER2-breast-cancer(br ca) patients treated with 5 year adjuvant endocrine therapy alone: Validation and comparison with the oncotype DX recurrence score(RS)

Author: DowSett M

Conference: SABCS

"BEST ABSTRACT: Prospective trail of endocrine therapy alone in patients with estrogen-receptor positive, HER2-negative, node negative breast cancer: Result of the TAILORc low risk registry"

Author:J Sparano

Conference: ESMO